We accept some reservations at the Biergarten

 for parties of 20 or more.

Party reservations FAQ

Q: Can I reserve a table?
A: Depends, Pilsener Haus & Biergarten takes some reservations for parties of 20 or larger.

Q: Is there a cost to reserve a table?
A: Not for a single table reservation (you just need to meet the 20 or more requirement), otherwise for 2 tables or more there is a minimum spend.

Q: How many patrons do the tables seat?
A: 20 to 34 patrons=1 table 35 to 50 patrons = 2 tables 51 to 65 patrons = 3 tables 65 to 100 patrons= 4 tables (which would be a private room at that point)

Q: What is the latest reservation Pilsener Haus takes?
A: The latest reservation can be made at 8pm. You must make your reservation within 24 hrs. in order to confirm availability.

Q: How long do we have the table(s) for?
A: 3 hours.

Q: Can I bring a cake?
A: Yes.  there is a charge of $2.00 per slice.

Q: Can we decorate?
A: You can decorate your table ONLY, but no helium balloons, confetti, stickers, or glitter please. Just a note: the candles are mounted into the tables and cannot be removed, so please plan around this.

Q: Do you allow kids?
A: Yes, we love the Biergarten kids. We just ask that you keep them by your table; for their safety, the safety of our staff and so other guests can enjoy the Pilsener Haus experience! No kids are allowed in the establishment after 8pm.

*Kids 5 and up $10 per; Nobody under 21 after 8pm*

*You are responsible for the guaranteed minimum of 20 guests even if fewer guests arrive.

*Tax & Gratuity not included (Minimum of 20 people)*




Contact us to make your reservation:

We ask that you please give us up to 48 hrs. to respond to your reservation request.

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