We accept reservations for parties of 20 or more.
See our options and packages below:

Party reservations FAQ

Q: Can I reserve a table?
A: Yes, Pilsener Haus & Biergarten takes reservations for parties of 20 or larger.

Q: Is there a cost to reserve a table?
A: Not for a single table reservation (you just need to meet the 20 or more requirement), otherwise for 2 tables or more there is a minimum spend.

Q: How many patrons do the tables seat?
A: 20 to 34 patrons=1 table 35 to 50 patrons = 2 tables 51 to 65 patrons = 3 tables 65 to 100 patrons= 4 tables (which would be a private room at that point)

Q: What is the latest reservation Pilsener Haus takes?
A: The latest reservation can be made at 9pm. You must make your reservation within 24 hrs. in order to confirm availability.

Q: How long do we have the table(s) for?
A: 3 hours.

Q: Do you have package deals? 
A: Yes, we offer 3 different options to choose from. We also offer platters that can be ordered any time of the week. As per the packages: once your reservation is confirmed, we will email you a sheet outlining options and pricing per option, where you can mark your selection and then send back to us. Gratuity is automatically calculated into the entire cost.

Q: How many patrons does a platter satisfy?
A: 8 to 10 patrons, depending on how the platter is served; whether it is served as an appetizer or a meal.

Q: Can I bring a cake?
A: Yes. If you would like us to store, slice, and serve it, there is a charge of $2.00 per patron.

Q: Can we decorate?
A: You can decorate your table ONLY, but no helium balloons, confetti, stickers, or glitter please. Just a note: the candles are mounted into the tables and cannot be removed, so please plan around this.

Q: Do you allow kids?
A: Yes, we love the Biergarten kids. We just ask that you keep them by your table; for their safety, the safety of our staff and so other guests can enjoy the Pilsener Haus experience! No kids are allowed in the establishment after 8pm.

Party packages

AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES OF 20-80 PEOPLE (parties over 80 please call to discuss options)

$30 per person 3 hour open bar/appetizers Beer & Wine plus 3 appetizers Appetizers: Pretzels, crisped mushrooms, cheese board

$40 per person 3 hour open bar/appetizers Beer & Wine plus 4 appetizers Appetizers: Pretzels, crisped mushrooms, cheese board, sautéed calamari & sausage

$60 per person 3 hour open bar/appetizer Beer, Wine & Well liquor plus 5 appetizers Appetizers: Pretzels, crisped mushrooms, cheese board, sautéed calamari & sausage, baby burger platters, and assorted sausage platters with fries.


No substitutions of any appetizer from a different package.

If you do not show up or call within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation, your reservation will be removed and 50% of the total (price of package multiplied by number of guaranteed guests) will be charged to the card on file.

You are responsible for your guaranteed minimum guests, you may add additional guests but you will be charged for the minimum guests regardless if they don’t show.

Helium balloons, banners, confetti and glitter of any kind are not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse/remove non-approved decorations.



Contact us to make your reservation:

We ask that you please give us up to 48 hrs. to respond to your reservation request.

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